Boštjan Kos, idea leader of the renovation of the Sun House.

Boštjan is a man who does not run out of ideas and energy. He has done many things in his career; he is a craftsman in the true sense of the word. A carpenter by education, and most enthusiastic about natural materials and coexistence with nature. He sees a great challenge in the renovation of apartments and houses, where he can leave his mark. His first major renovation was the renovation of Bistra Hut on Velika Planina, where he combined his ideas with his sister, the architect Zala Kos. They joined their strenghts and knowledge also during the renovation of The Sun House. Since 2019 the House is succesfully managed by Boštjan's wife Julija. Boštjan is otherwise engaged in the manufacture and installation of wooden fair stands in his company Amsel plus d.o.o.

You can follow his work on Facebook @amselplus.

Zala Kos, architect

The logic of the architectural solution, sincerity in terms of design, durability and environmental friendliness, a sense of warmth of the living environment. These are the elements that repeatedly encourage her to be creative in planning new buildings and renovating old ones. All this was nicely coordinated during the renovation of the Sun House beneath Pokljuka plateau.

View more about Zala's projects at

Pr' Obvak

Aronia/chokeberry - a miracle worker who carries antiviral and antibacterial record. At the Pr 'Obvak farm, Radmila and Dragan work miracles from the small fruits of this plant, which is extremely rich in vitamins. With their love of chokeberry, Siberian blueberry, and other shrubs, they produce excellent jams, juices, liqueurs, and teas.

Meet them: or their Facebook profile @probvak.

Garden of Tastes by Mateja Reš

Mateja Reš has a beautiful Garden of Tastes in Zgornje Gorje underneath Pokljuka plateau, where she grows organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. Living with nature and ecologically is really worth it. Mateja acquires her knowledge with joy and inspiration and wants to share it with other people, as she believes that there is a lot of positive in nature and that in coexistence with nature we can live simply naturally.

You can find out more about the Garden of Tastes at or on her Facebook profile @vrtokusov.

Klemenak Tourist Farm

In the valley of Radovna, just a bit ahead from Lake Kreda, there is the Klemenak farm, where first-class and delicious cheese is made from the milk of grazing cows. They also produce cottage cheese and butter, and in summer they also offer visitors sour milk. Cheese-making has a long tradition on the farm, as the knowledge and recipe for processing have been passed on to the third generation.

Bistro Linhart Radovljica

The Linhart bistro produces dishes under the direction of chef Uroš Štefelin. In the boutique bistro you can taste sustainable wines, local gin, craft beers, Illy coffee, hot "fair trade" chocolate, crunchy delicious focaccia and much more. Take your time, visit the beautiful Radovljica and the Linhart bistro.

Check out what is good to eat on the website of Linhart Bistro or on their Facebook profile @hotellinhart.

Atelje Škulj

Always smiling and full of inspiration, Andreja from the pottery Atelje Škulj knows how to handle clay to breathe new life into it. Her work combines two traditional Slovenian crafts - pottery design and manufacture of lace.

You can read more about Andreja, her ideas and mission on Atelje Škulj's website and FB profile @atelje.skulj.

Farm Pr' Andreco

The Pr 'Andreco farm is in Krnica, not far from the Sun House. Their main activity is growing a variety of different vegetables: asparagus, garlic and onions, lettuce, spring onions, carrots, beans, and other seasonal vegetables. Their specialty are the plantations of red and black currants, which are processed into various delicious products - excellent jams, juices, jellies, liqueurs, and the only ones in Slovenia that produce currant fruit wine from black currants. Wine upgrades are the product they are most proud of - blackcurrant sparkling wine.

For more information, visit the farm's FB profile @prandreco or contact Tilen Soklič on +386 41 527 058.